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Dr. ANTHONY EGYIR AIKINS holds the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Development Studies, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance, and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) (Hons) Degrees, all from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.He is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Ghana [(IIA GH)].

He was born in Cape Coast and attended the A. M. E. ZionPrimary School, Cape Coast;Kibi L/A Primary School, Kibi; Catholic Jubilee Boys Primary and Middle School, Cape Coast; and continued his schooling at the St. Augustine’s Collegealsoin Cape Coast; where he obtained the Ordinary‘O’ Level and Advanced ‘A’ Level Certificates.

Dr. Egyir Aikins has a wealth of practical experience in Public Service and this has given him an added edge to teach by situatingtheories, principles, and concepts into real-life situations for easy appreciation of his students.

He worked briefly at the then Central Regional Hospital in Cape Coast as an Executive Officer and later on joined the Controller and Accountant-General’s Departmentand gotposted to the Central Regional Health Administration in Cape Coast as a Junior Accounts Officer. He rose to the grade of Accountant and was re-posted to the then Central Regional Hospital as the Finance Officer in-charge.

The posting was for him to facilitate the rationalisation of the hospital’s financial administration, which had then experienced a downturn in revenue generation and a high cost of operation. About nine months into the year of his posting, his effortsyielded the desired results and he was given an award at the end of the year by the Hospital’s Management Committee for his performance. 

Six months after receiving the award from the then Central Regional Hospital’s Management Committee, Dr. Egyir Aikins again won a Training Award from the Department for International Development (DFID) for a Short Course in Accounting and Finance for Managers at the Strathclyde Graduate Business School, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland in 1997.This was after a team of Donor Agencies comprising representatives from the Department for International Development (DFID), World Bank, DANIDA, and the Controller and Accountant General’s Department visited the hospital to appraise the capacity of the finance office to manage resources.  At the end of the exercise, he had impressed the team to the extent that he wasgiventhe training award which was tenable in the United Kingdom (UK). The exposure has boostedhis confidence to teach well.

He served variously as the Finance Officer in-charge of the then District Hospital and District Health Administration, all in Cape Coast. After obtaining the B.Com degree, he joined the Internal Audit Division of the Ghana Health Service having appreciated the challenges in internal auditing; and was posted to the then Central Regional Health Administration in Cape Coast as the Ag. Regional Internal Auditor.On obtaining the MBA in Finance degree in 2008, he was subsequently appointed asthe substantive Regional Internal Auditor for the Ghana Health Service in the Western Region.

Dr. Egyir Aikins had worked in Audit Teams composed by the then Director of Internal Audit, Ghana Health Service, Accra for National Assignments; variously as a Team member, Team leader and a Supervisor for Teams.  In all these situations heacquitted himself creditably. He acquired the habit of getting assignments done and on time; with emphasis on quality. He,therefore,has a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills in risk management, control, and governance processes which have assistedhim in teaching, especially with reference to what actually pertains in practice.

He was nominated by the then Director of Internal Audit Division, Ghana Health Service, to represent the Division at the District Health Operations (Dishop)Short Courseat the Kintampo Rural Health Training School in September, 2008. The exposure has been beneficial for teaching.

Dr. Anthony Egyir Aikins was a member of the National Health Sector Internal Audit Review Task Team which was put together in October 22 - 23, 2008 to review the Health Sector’s Internal Audit Working Tools at the Little Acre Hotel at Aburi. TheInternal Audit Working Tools were the Strategic plan, Audit manual, and Audit programme/steps. The knowledge and experience gathered helpedhim tounderstand the difficulties of students in their approach to learning.

He, also,had the rare opportunity of being nominated to represent the Ghana Health Service Internal Audit Division in a joint audit with the PriceWaterHouseCoopers in a capacity building exercise which was sponsored by DANIDA in 2004. The exercise had helped to improve on his skills in risk management, evidence gathering, evaluation of evidence, interviewing, and report writing.  The above traits have equipped him with some practical experience to enable him teach to achieve results.

Whilst at the Western Region in 2008, he took up a part-time teaching appointment at the College of Distance Education (CoDE) at the University of Cape Coast and taught Investment Management Course at the Post Diploma Level. He, again, had the privilege of being appointed as the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) for Cape Coast, while at the Western Region, from May 2009 to August 2013. His appointment as the MCE re-inforced and expanded his leadership roles and responsibilities; and gave him a lot of exposure, both locally and internationally. This enhanced his inter-personal relationship and assisted him to associatewell with students and faculty with ease. The interactions enabled him to learn a lot about both the teaching and non-teaching staff, management, Jayee University College as an institution, and its environment.

In his capacity as the MCE, he spearheaded the development agenda of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly and chalked some successes in the areas of improving the revenue generation, collection, and management system;opening up Cape Coast to the Northern part with development facilities and projects,promotion of peace in the metropolitan area, construction and provision of social amenities such as Schools, Clinics, Community Centres, Teachers’ Bungalows and Quarters, Nurses’ Quarters, School Dormitories, Roads, Bridges, Police Station, Toilet Facilities, Market sheds and stalls, Skip Containers, Poly Tanks for Senior High Schools (SHSs),and Employment opportunities for the youth etc.

InAugust 2009, Dr. Anthony Egyir Aikins was invited by the City Council of Bonn, Germany to attend an International Conference on Development Policy which had to do with finding the appropriate and strategic development policies for the development of communities.

He, again, had the singular honour andprivilege to be invited by the President of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in New York as one of five (5) panelists at a round table discussions on the Role of Local Government in the Decentralised Development Co-operation at the 3rd Biennial High Level Development Co-operation Forum from July 5 to 6, 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The other four (4) panelists were from Germany, Spain, Canada, and Nicaragua. The Forum is a key global platform for policy dialogue and policy review on International Development Co-operation. It also aims to promote greater coherence among the activities of different development co-operation partners.

Engagement Global and Service Agency (Communities in One World), being international organisations working on Municipal Climate Partnerships invited him to lead a delegation of four officials from the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly to attend an international workshop on the Municipal Climate Partnerships - Presentation of Joint Action Programmes from 11th to 12th June 2013 in Wurzburg, Germany. The workshop was on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In July 2013,he was nominated by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, alongside the then Mayor of Accra, to represent Ghana at a World Conference of Mayors on local government in Santiago, Chile from 19-20.The conference was organised by the Socialist International to share experiences on the extent to which local government strategies have impacted on the living conditions of the people and also to chart strategic courses to meet the current and changing circumstances to help achieve sustainable development at the local level.

He has also had the opportunity of attending various conferences, seminars, workshops, and public functions of diverse background, locally; either as a panelist, speaker, or a participant. Both the local and international exposures, through the foregoing engagements, served as a motivation for teaching where a lot of scenarios could be cited and shared to make teaching meaningful and interesting.

In September 2013, Dr. Aikins again took up another teaching appointment at Jayee University College, Accra up till now.He has taught various courses such as Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behaviour, and Marketing Management. He applied for the vacant position of the President of Jayee University College, and got the nod; by the Grace of God.

He has served on Committees of Enquiry at the Regional level in the Ghana Health Service; and in 1997, served on an Arbitration Committee which was empanelled by a High Court in Cape Coast on the Payment of Compensation to some Cocoa Farmers in the Central Region.

From 1999 to 2015 hewas a member of the Board of Directors of Kakum Rural Bank Limited at Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana. He contributed,in diverse ways, to help the Bank in areas of risk management, control, and governance processes, and this helped the bank to achieve a rating among the Ghana Club 100 institutions in 2005.While serving on the Board, he was a member of the Audit and Finance and Administrationstanding sub-committees; and again on the Strategic planning,Computerisation, and Staff housing Ad hoc sub-committees. He had also served on the Bank’s Re-denomination Committee at the time of the transition to the re-denomination of the Ghana Cedi in 2007.He was,subsequently,appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank’s Subsidiary Company known as the Kakum Investment and Consumer Credit Company Limited (KICCO LTD) which provided consumer credit services and other investment projects to the public.

Dr. Aikins had the opportunity of being elected to represent the Board of Directors of the Kakum Rural Bank Limited at several fora at both Association of Rural Bank(ARB) Apex Bank and the Bank of Ghana. In all his dealings with the Bank,he brought to bear on it hisknowledge, experience, and skills in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Internal Auditing to help enhance the operations of the Bank. This was a benefit to him as a teacher.The experiences and lessons learned while serving on the main Board of the Bank and subsequently as the Chairman of the Board of its Subsidiary Company rendered him a lot of insights into real life situations and therefore became useful for teaching.

As a former footballer who played for and captained the St. Augustine’s College football team in 1977/78 and as well played for the Cape Coast Venomous Vipers Football Club, he became the Secretary to the Venomous Vipers Football Club in 1983 and helped the club to achieve a lot of laurels in the football league.In the late 1980’s he was tasked to become the Financial Controller of the Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarfs Football Club and he was the toast of the supporters and the footballing public at large.  In all his sporting endeavours, he endeared himself to the supporters and other stakeholders of the footballing fraternity.

Dr. Anthony Egyir Aikinsis cheerful, diligent, and asserts himself on the job. He has humility, respect, and fortitude. He is independent-minded, very discerning, and objective. He has a strong intuition and can work under pressure. He is very pragmatic, transparent, tolerant, and take decisions after a balanced assessment of all circumstances relevant to the issues at stake. His managerial acumen cannot be doubted.  He is a team worker and provides doable and cost effective recommendations as well as having the capacity to appraise a system and its control framework and the risks that face management and how to better manage the risks for good corporate governance. He is sincere, firm, principled, selfless, reliable and hardworking.

Having served the people of Cape Coast very faithfully,and with a sense of purpose, commitment to duty, and selflessness; Dr. Anthony Egyir Aikins has enhanced his public image,whichis a much needed pre-requisite, for prosecuting a career as a practitioner, academic, manager, and an administrator.

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