Why Jayee

Jayee University College (JUC) is a citadel for the training of high calibre human resource in management and journalism in Ghana, recognised internationally.

With over 24 years of professional training and education through customised and market-oriented progammes, JUC boasts of its uniqueness in state-of-the art facilities, a crack team of lecturers, and a cosy academic ambience.

JUC offers a flexible timetable and fee payment system; and friendly lecture-to-student atmosphere; as well as the most competitive job-ready programmes.

Jayee Products naturally shine in the international institutions (World Bank, UN) government, private, nongovernmental organisations, entertainment, the media, politics, and more.

We are glad that you are going to be joining us and are very much looking forward to welcoming you in the autumn. You are about to embark on a new and exciting phase of your life and we are honoured to be sharing it with you. You're joining a University College that, more than 30 years after its foundation, enjoys a reputation for academic excellence within an informal and progressive community.

Anyone who intends to excel and get the best professional education and training should come to Jayee University College. You are very welcome!

As with starting anything new, there are a number of formalities that you need to complete. You should read through all of the sections as each one contains important information.

First Things First

The first thing you need to be aware of is that a university is very different from school. Many of the routines you might be used to will not apply to your new environment. From now on you will have to manage and organise most of your workload on your own. This comes with a lot of freedom in how to schedule your week, but also makes you ultimately responsible for the course and success of your studies. University life can be a lot of fun. However, completing a degree is a lot of hard work. Keeping this simple fact in the back of your mind will help you to find the right balance between student recreation and the fulfilment of academic commitments.

Many of you will study at a new geographical location as well. It is pretty exciting to leave your family home and move into a new area, new surroundings, new daily routines and new faces; you will have to process a lot of changes in a very brief period of time. Especially finding, securing and enjoying student accommodation that suits all your needs; this is an integral part of this transition into student life. You should do some research on student housing in advance and arrange room viewings before the semester officially starts. Ideally, you are already done with moving before your first class takes place.

As in the case of your academic work, living on your own or with friends brings a lot of freedom and responsibilities. Managing your own household can be quite time-consuming, since you have to consider a long list of issues; these range from cleaning your place, bill payments through to keeping your fridge filled. Accurate planning can do some wonders in this respect, too.

Set a budget and stick to it

The appearance of a student loan or pocket money in your bank account can be overwhelming, with the temptation to go on a spending spree. The best piece of advice we can offer is to budget properly.

  • Most loans or pocket money are given at the start of semester, so you need to make your money last until the next payment.
  • Check when your University bill arrives (this is normally the start of term) and what it includes. Once you know your main outgoings for each semester you can allocate yourself an amount each week to spend.
  • Be sure to keep an emergency fund tucked away to cover any unexpected expenditure, such as tickets to events etc



JUC Hostel is located 300m from the main campus. Students who wish to stay in the school hostel should contact the Hostel Manager on 0240-216069 or 0244-532220.

Make yourself at Home

Don’t just pack the essentials. You’ll be in Jayee for most of your years, so bring things that will make you feel at home: posters, pictures of friends/family/pets, cushions, decorations etc.

Fresher’s Week

Universities and student unions usually organise welcoming events, subsumed under the infamous “Fresher’s Week”. Specifically nominated student ambassadors will show you around campus and tell you everything important there is to know for your first year. Aside from that, there will be plenty of opportunities for meeting new people and to have a drink or two (or more). Most Fresher’s Weeks involve various activities particularly intended for this purpose, such as “adventure days”, going climbing, wine tasting and pub crawling.

It is the fun part of your initial phase at university and will give you a taste of the recreational side of student life. For many of you it will be the most exhausting, cost-intensive and unhealthy week ever endured. However, it is a great opportunity for socialising with some fellow students. You will further have the chance not only to tour your campus, but also to see some of the surrounding city or town; hence, you will be able to familiarise yourself with your new home.

Joins Us Today

Jayee University College has two admissions streams , January and September Admissions. Join us today for a world class university experience