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Prof. Jophus Anamuah-Mensah is a highly distinguished and renowned educationist. Professor Anamuah-Mensah, who started his primary education at Catholic Jubilee School in Cape Coast, has added several academic titles to his name. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education (B.Sc., Ed) from the University of Cape Coast, he went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Chemistry and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Chemistry from the same University.

He also holds a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Science Education and Doctor of Education (Ed. D) in Science Education, both from the University of British Columbia. In addition, he has undergone several other reputable courses, including International Leadership Training, Practical Evangelism Course, and Seminar on Managing Change: Leadership and Strategic Change in Higher Education, and Seminar on African Universities and the Challenge of Knowledge Creation and Application in the New Century. Prof. Anamuah-Mensah is a member of the Grants Committee and West African Associate of the African Forum for Children’s Literacy in Science and Technology (AFCLIST) based in South Africa. In 2006, He was given a National Honour: Order of Volta, Companion by the Republic of Ghana.

Prof. Anamuah-Mensah has spent a great deal of his professional life at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and the University of Education, Wineaba (UEW).

From 1985 to 1998 he worked and held several key positions at the University of Cape Coast and made very important contributions to academic work and the development of the University. Among others, he held the positions of Head of Science Education, Dean of Education (Faculty of Education) and Pro-Vice Chancellor. Undoubtedly, UCC benefited from his immense contribution.

A few of his contributions are listed below:

He negotiated for a research grant valued at GH¢ 71,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation to support a study on the production of industry-oriented resource materials for science teaching. Was a member of the team that restructured the criteria for the appointment and promotion of senior members.

  1. Had oversight responsibility for preparing a PhD programme in science education as a model for the Faculty of Education.
  2. Led a team to review the Masters programme in Science Education.
  3. Was a principal partner in the preparation and introduction of a four year programme to train integrated science teachers for pre-tertiary institutions.
  4. Oversight for instituting and implementing the programme for improving the quality of primary education through research (CRIQPEG).
  5. Was involved in promoting the distance learning programme at UCC.
  6. Promoted the institution of PhD programmes in other departments in the Faculty of Education for academic staff without tertiary degrees.
  7. Led a committee to review new degree offerings that resulted in the establishment of the Primary Education Department.
  8. Had the responsibility of assisting the Vice Chancellor, acting in his absence and chairing a number of statutory committees such as Academic Planning Committee.

From 1998 to 2007 he served as the Principal of the then University College of Education of Wineaba (UCEW) and as the first Vice-Chancellor when it became autonomous as University of Education, Wineaba (UEW). Additionally, he served as Director for a number of research centres of the Institution during this period. His contribution to UEW was tremendous. These include:

  • He led the University to attract a grant of about three million six hundred dollars (GH¢ 3,600,000) from Carnegie Corporation of New York.
  • Established a Quality Assurance Unit for the University
  • Established an Academic Planning Committee to review new programmes/courses and changes in courses before their implementation.
  • Spearheaded the introduction of distance learning in the training of basic school teachers.
  • Established a programme to make every staff literate in the use of computer for teaching.
  • Appointed academic councillors for students in all academic departments
  • Appointed Vice Principals to head the two external campuses at Kumasi and Mampong in order to improve the management of the multi-campus system.
  • Established the FM radio lectures to address the problem of large classes as well as introduce variety in delivery.
  • Brought transparency into the administration of the Institution through effective use of the committee system and by granting Faculties/Schools/Divisions and the Halls greater leverage in planning and budgeting and the utilisation of funds.
  • He brought visibility and identity to the University by providing opportunities to publish and/or exhibit scholarly works. Loans have been provided for the publication of books relevant to the courses on offer.

Prof. Anamuah-Mensah has several awards and academic honours, and over sixty publications to his name. He has prepared over twenty conference papers and has been involved in several research and development projects, a number of which are still ongoing. He has taught at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels; and supervised students’ research work for post-graduate diploma, Master’s and PhD students. He can also boast of membership of scores of national and international boards/committees, University boards/committees and public bodies

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