The Vice-President

Stephen Nibebale Bemile is our own vice president. The Bemile Library which is a conspicuous learning, teaching, and research edifice on the campus has been named after him. Certainly he did not earn this indelible honour on a silver platter. It is a recognition by management of his invaluable contribution to Jayee University College.

The 48-year old academic has over 24 years accumulated experience in teaching, training, facilitation and moderation, a rich background that makes him a perfect role model for students. “I am a self-motivated and objective-oriented professional teacher,” the Vice President told Jayee Voice, mouthpiece of Jayee University College.

Mr. Bemile has served and continues to serve Jayee in many capacities. His association with the university started in 1989 as a tutor and counsellor.

He also taught French and English at that time. As a Programme Officer and later Vice-Principal and Deputy Director, he recalls, “I started with just 30 students and succeeded in helping raise the student population to over 500 by 1998.”

In those stormy years he re-structured the hitherto secretarial school into a bilingual secretarial institute offering diploma courses in Business Administration. He also organised special upgrading courses for workers, language course in French for Anglophone students and English for Francophone students.

His subsequent 10-year working period with Friedrich Naumann Foundation- a German political foundation- (1998-2008), saw him move steadily from Programme Officer in charge of Francophone West Africa through Senior Programme Officer to Programme Director, Ghana Office. He has trained, facilitated, and travelled extensively across Africa and Europe.

In 1999, he led a delegation of West African youth, journalists, members of parliament, and policy-makers to the German parliament in Bonn, Germany and European Parliament in Strasbourg, France (1999) where he was chosen as the spokesman for the African, Eastern European, and Latin American Group.

He has received numerous awards including those from the Pan African Student Summit (PSS); Organisation of African Liberal Youth (OALY); Ghana Liberal Students Association (GHALSA);and National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS). For playing a distinguished role at the 52nd Liberal International (LI) Congress held in Dakar, Senegal, he also received a letter of recognition from H.E. Me Abdoulaye Wade, President of the Republic of Senegal.

The Vice President is multi-lingual, mastering in English, French, German with a fair knowledge in Spanish. His enviable global experience and exposure make his role as a trainer, teacher, planner, and manager unique. By his training and background, Mr. Bemile fits into any of these academic disciplines

Mr. Bemile holds MA in International Affairs from Ghana's premier university (Legon), BA(Hons) in French and a Diploma in Education from University of Cape Coast. He is a graduate of University of Dakar, Senegal crowning it with Executive MBA in Project Management also from University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Legon. Coming with these academic laurels is a wealth of experience as a teacher, social and community worker, facilitator and entrepreneur.

Our Vice President is blessed with multiple talents. Recognising that one size does not fit all, Mr. Bemile has groomed himself to fit into any field of human activity or endeavour. He is a skillful communicator, a community serviceman with business links to schools. In all these undertakings he found himself at the top level, either as a leader, a manager or a trainer.

Mention local and international politics. He served as internal evaluator of the Coalition for Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) Ghana 2008 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. Mr Bemile keeps to his chest the number of world presidents and leaders he has helped churn out with his political strategy training.

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